Open to all men in Big Canoe, the Men’s Fellowship is a Christian organization missioned to serve others and foster personal and spiritual growth. They serve through a variety of ministries, and always make time for a busy social calendar including golf tournaments, fish frys, sporting events and more.

Men to Men

This cadre of compassionate men identify other men in Big Canoe who may be suffering physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. With a helping hand, a Christ-like manner, and a thoughtful ear the Men to Men Team cares for the hurting.

Home Repair Team

Wheelchair ramps, tub and shower bars, handicap modifications are just a few of the services this group of handymen provide to community widows, widowers and organizations who need relatively simple but essential home repairs and enhancements. If you’re handy, we have a place for you!

Golf Tournament

For sure this team of great men plan and schedule the wildly popular annual golf tournament. After all, “golf’ is our name. But there's more. Our group also plans and manages other fundraising events to insure adequate cash flow for charity sales, cookouts and more.

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Men's Fellowship Cart Guys

“Neither rain, nor snow, nor heat...stays these couriers from their swift completion of their appointed rounds.” It’s not the Post Office, it’s the Cart Guys, another Men’s Fellowship ministry that provides transportation to the Chapel from some of the remote parking areas. We see them each Sunday, always smiling, and always with a warm, “You need a lift?” Anyone can take advantage of this complimentary transportation service!

Community and Chapel Cookouts

No doubt about it. Get a group of fun-loving men around an outdoor barbecue grill and wonderful things happen. Like, great food! Whether it’s a Chapel event or a community-wide activity, the Men’s Fellowship is ready with amazing grilling skills. Fish fry, anyone? Low country boil? Burgers ‘n dogs? You name it, and most likely the Men’s Fellowship and cook it.