Knowing the way, going the way, and showing the way

Leadership in the local church is something God takes seriously, and so do we. We are a church that is led by our chief shepherd, Jesus Christ. Church leadership involves guiding and overseeing the spiritual and administrative aspects of a congregation. It encompasses individuals who dedicate themselves to serving the church community, fostering spiritual growth, and facilitating the church's mission.

Leadership Roles

Teaching Others
  • Spiritual Leaders
  • Pastoral Care
  • Teaching
  • Vision
  • Prayer
Serving Others
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Administrative
  • Property
  • Processes
Helping Others
  • Financial
  • Property
  • Technology
  • Missions
  • Many More

Staff and Volunteers

At Big Canoe Chapel, we are incredibly fortunate to have a team of dedicated staff members and volunteers who serve as beacons of guidance, compassion, and inspiration within our congregation. Their leadership, commitment, and unwavering devotion contribute significantly to the spiritual growth and vitality of our church family.

Leadership Through Service

Our staff members exhibit exceptional leadership qualities, guiding our community with wisdom, grace, and unwavering dedication. Their visionary approach, tireless efforts, and heartfelt commitment form the cornerstone of our church's mission and growth.

Volunteer Leaders

We extend our deepest gratitude to our volunteer leaders who generously share their time, talents, and passion for service. Your leadership within various ministries, groups, and programs brings depth and richness to our church life, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all.

Empowering Others

Our leaders, both staff, and volunteers, lead not only by example but also by empowering others to discover and utilize their own gifts and talents for the betterment of our community. Through their mentorship and guidance, they nurture a culture of leadership, kindness, and faith among us all.