Check It Out!

The Chapel Library houses over 8000 secular and religious titles, authored by some of the world’s most notable names. Books to check-out are available to any Big Canoe property owner.

Variety of Selections

The book collection is organized into categories that include biographies, classics, fiction, travel and geography, birds and wildlife, botany, history (including local history) and poetry. In addition to a large-print collection, audio, and DVD options are also available. Parents and grandparents visiting the Library for the first time are also pleasantly surprised to find an extensive collection of children’s books, DVDs, and movies. The heart of the library is its religious works. Materials included are biblical study aids, classic sermon series, world religions, prayer, Christian living, inspirational and devotional writings, theology, church history and general reference.

Check-Out Procedure

The honor system prevails in checking out materials from the collection. Books may be checked out for 21 days; movies and audio books, 7 days. (It is preferred that no more than four DVDs be checked out at any one time.) The check-out box is located in the front room with instructions posted beside the box. Simply sign the card that is in the pocket of the book or DVD, add the date and your telephone number, and place the card in the box. Returns are to be placed in the cabinet in the hall beside the Library door.

Library Acquisitions

In addition to purchasing selections recommended to the Library Committee, books are often donated or may be funded to honor or memorialize friends or family members. Please contact Kaaren Arthurs at 706-268-3460 or Susan Newton at 706-268-3140 if you would like to make a donation to the Library. We do wish to recognize your thoughtfulness in contributing to the collection.