Think About this...

Today, Big Canoe Chapel’s footprint includes Meditation Park, an eleven-acre forested area encompassing The Terraces outdoor venue for summer concerts and other community events, the Chapel Cemetery, a serene setting of gazebos, meditation benches, memorial wall, Columbarium and grave plots, the Scout Hut, the Robert B. Platt Botanical Garden, and lush walking trails.


Back in 1989 the Big Canoe Company donated the 11-acre tract to the Chapel expressly for church and/or community purposes. The Terraces and Scout Hut were built near the end of 2000, and once a vision statement had been written, the Memorial Wall, Botanical Gardens and Cemetery all became part of what is now Meditation Park.

Cemetery plots, niches and memorial plaques may be purchased by Big Canoe property owners, immediate families, and Chapel members. The cost of a grave plot is $2500, a columbarium niche is $2000, and space on the memorial wall is $750.

Big Canoe Cemetery is registered with the State of Georgia as a church cemetery and is operated on a self-financing basis, with twenty percent of plot sales deposited into a perpetual care fund. For more information regarding Meditation Park and the Chapel cemetery, call the Chapel office at 470-273-6768.